OnINBOX delivers personalised inbound threat detection to protect employees in their moment of need and provides advanced remediation capabilities for IT admins.

How OnINBOX supercharges threat detection and response

Move away from a culture of "train and blame"
Empower your users to confidently interact with email.

Uncover subtle threat signals that SEGs miss
Use technology that is always learning and adapting.

Spot suppliers putting your organisation at risk
See who is at risk of impersonation in your supply chain.

Why do organisations choose InINBOX?

Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) and phishing awareness training alone don't work. To complement these, a layered email security approach that augments traditional training with ‘in the moment’ communications should be adopted.

Email threat banner

Provides immediate out-the-box value by giving users their own ‘security expert’ inside every email. Sitting at the top of an email are clear color-coded results from an automated security scan that break down the trustworthiness of a sender’s risk profile, allowing users to make informed decisions when they engage with their email.

Reporting and dashboards

Offers a centralised view of your organisation’s connections and their email security hygiene. With full visibility comes managing policy settings, marking malicious URLs as threats, and setting a company-wide trust status for bad senders to protect everyone in the business.


Gives Security teams the ability to investigate reported emails and easily delete and block threats from within the OnINBOX Manager interface. As part of the Remediation step, admins are also able to give feedback to those who reported the email on why it was safe or a threat, to request further information, or to educate them.

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