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Forget about breaches. Eliminate web and email malware. Completely.

Our platform invisibly protects users wherever they go online. So evasive threats are history and the alert storm is over.

Prevent Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats (HEAT).

Elastic Isolation Core™
Fueling our unique approach to security, the Elastic Isolation Core™ protects against known and unknown threats, and isolates them before they get to users. Zero Trust isolation technology provides 100% protection with no need for special software or plug-ins, so users experience no impact on performance or interruption in workflow.

Elastic Edge

Cloud-native and high performance, the Elastic Edge is built to scale globally on demand. It dynamically scales to meet enterprise-level growth—from 1000 users to over 3M— with no performance hit, and is easily extendible with a rich set of APIs and integrations.

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